2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Plays in Kindergarten


Do you do plays with your Kinders? We usually try to do one each season! In the beginning of the year we do "The Little School Bus" play. It is super simple, but gets them talking and in front of the camera! The parents also love having this shared with them right away! Around Thanksgiving we do "The Very First Thanksgiving" play. This one is a little more difficult, but nonetheless priceless! Around this time in the year we do "5 Little Snowmen". The link is below to watch!

I am curious if anyone else does plays with their kinders, and if so which ones?! We are always looking for new ideas and would love to try some more in our classroom.

We have noticed the easiest way to share the plays is create on iMovie and share via youtube. If you click "unlisted" only parents with the link can view, it is not public to the whole Youtube world, which makes me much more comfortable!

Enjoy 5 Little Snowmen :)

Click to view 5 little snowmen

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hi everyone!

My name is Eryn and I am the 2nd scoop of 2 scoops of Kindergarten. Gloria (the first scoop!) and I team teach Kindergarten and love it! This is our first year trying it, and it has been going great! 

A little bit about me- This is my 5th year teaching Kindergarten. I knew I wanted to teach K right away, ever since I student taught in that grade. Love the little ones! Can't imagine teaching anything else! I got married last August and am expecting my own little one this June! (Right after school ends!) I am also finishing up my master's in reading to get my reading specialist license. Busy, busy, but loving every minute of it!

Enough about me, I wanted to share with all of you a wonderful management piece that we have been using in Kindergarten for a few years now. Do you notice your kinders have trouble lining up? Are they becoming restless in the middle of the year and are they having difficulty getting quiet in line? We have been using my "line up dots" to help the students know where to stand in line and it has worked miracles! Each child gets assigned a number, and they know that is their specific number for the whole year. This helps so much with separating the talkers, etc.! I am obsessed with my silhouette cameo machine and have been making and selling these dots on etsy for around 2 years now! They can be custom made to include a line leader, door holder, electrician, etc. I can also do custom colors. They are also great because they peel right off the floor, unlike the box tape we were using in years past! If you are interested I have the link to my store below!

Check out my store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/erynskindercreations

Thank you for taking time to read my first post! Hope to share and learn a lot from all of you in the future. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Here We Come! (Freebies too!)

Happy New Year - 2017!

Are you returning to school this week? Well, I have some ideas for you to start your year off without any worries! When the kiddos come back they are pretty excited to see each other but also very, very tired. Some of them have not been on a schedule for the two weeks of vacation. So easing into the schedule and not expecting 100% from all of them is important or there might be some tears.

1. I have students sit around the rug and we pass a beanie around. When the student has a beanie - no one else can talk. I usually tell them we are going to do this ahead of time - I tell the kinders to start thinking of one fun thing they did over break they would like to share. They can pass but I will go back to them before finishing.  (This activity helps because they are all dying to tell you about their vacation - but 24 kiddos all at once is not possible )

2. Have a quiet time ~ some time during your day! This coloring sheet is perfect...Click here for your freebie.  Crayons or markers can be used or Kwik stix!  They are perfect for this! Kwik stix are paint sticks that are so colorful and fun - you do not need water or brushes! No mess! Click here for more information.

3. Have a fun activity that students will love. This is where this 2017 Build a Bear is just the trick! 

Wouldn't every student love to put together their very own holiday build a bear?! They can choose from a girl or boy and various dresses, shirts, boots, ties, hats....etc. Here is the hat I chose! :)

Here is a free writing activity to go with your Holiday build a bear for you!

Have a great 2017 school year and check back for more ideas for your classroom! :)