2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snowman Ornaments & Gingerbread Fun with Oriental Trading ~ & a freebie!

Hello Friends! Are you a little stressed out this time of year getting everything ready for the holiday? Well, that is how I normally feel ~ the holiday comes so FAST and I am scrambling! This year I was a little more prepared with the help of Oriental Trading

Every year I have done this handprint craft for my parent present. With such a diverse classroom, I need to think of everyone, so snowmen work perfect!  I just can't think of what is more precious than their child's little hand keepsake. Each year I try and improve....this year I am so happy to have found Oriental Trading and their silver and gold plastic ornaments.... boy did they come out cute!
I have learned a few things over the years which I would like to share:

1. Make sure your ornament is not glass but plastic ~ glass -they will not make it home in one piece. (My first year I used glass ornaments - :(  )
2. Get some help with painting the details (very lucky my Aunt does this for me) This part of the process takes a lot longer than you think. (we have a class of 45 though)
3. Make sure you write names of the child next to the ornaments because the handprints all start looking alike. (We wrote them right under the ornament in the box  ~ worked perfect to use for drying too) I put stickers on them one year and they started falling off. 

Here is the poem I attach to the ornament (2 versions)

With that out of the way (whew!) we need to have some FUN learning! Well, our classroom turned into a gingerbread land! Guess who came to visit?! We had so much fun!! Our librarian dressed up in a gingerbread costume . We spent the morning reading all the different gingerbread books. Then wrote about our favorite one! We took a picture of each child in front of the gingerbread house to add to their parent's gift. Check out Oriental Trading for more decorations and crafts!

Here is our gingerbread house the kinders just LOVE it!

(Here is the structure before we put the paper around it. Our gingerbread house is made from pvc pipes. We did add some windows too...So I could see from my guided reading table. (I do see this structure turning into a barn for the spring.) I can't take credit for putting this together - my fabulous husband did this.

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Disclaimer: I will be compensated for this post but all of my remarks are my opinion.