2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Top Wishlisted Items Linky!

Hi Everyone, I am excited to join this wishlist linky to let you know of our top wishlisted items!

 Class Rules & Procedures is our best seller! I can not tell you enough how this has helped my kindergarten classroom! When expectations are clear, there is no question on what should happen. This is a perfect product to introduce at any time of the year when you feel your class needs some extra help with behavior. Your principal will also love to see these out on your walls too! :) I have a lot of these rules right on my SMARTboard., so I know they will see them every day.

 Kindergarten Narrative writing is something kinders love to do! This year I presented their narrative writing to their parents at conferences and added a QR code so they could have a keepsake of their child's writing forever. They are always so proud of their writing!

Composing & Decomposing was so helpful for my class. They were so successful after using this fun product! I hope your students enjoy these too! 

Check to see all of these other fabulous  bloggers top wishlisted products too. Click on the picture below or click here.


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