2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Challenge Week 2 ~ Dare to Dream

Here again with Amber, Ashley, Emily & Jen with Week 2 of the TPT challenge! This week we are blogging about our DREAMS! Before talking about mine, you really need to read some of the other dreams and inspirations of others. I am very impressed and motivated after reading about these wonderful other teacher/bloggers out there! 

1. Family - My family consists of the most wonderful husband and four children who are almost all out of the house. Our youngest is still in high school. They have been there all along cheering me on in my fun/hard work that I have with my creations I make. With college bills, and so much more to pay off ... I would love to be able to be debt free...This is ...one of my major motivations to keep working hard at my TPT journey!

2. Travel My dream to travel with my family and with just my husband is my second biggest dream and why too I keep on...with this second job! 

3. Share/Motivate I want to keep being able to share with other teachers in my district and beyond who enjoy my little creations. Maybe inspire and motivate others because so many of these outstanding teachers motivate and inspire me!

My Dreams 


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I love that one of your goals is to share and motivate; that's an important part of what we do!

    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  2. I hope you get to travel! I absolutely love it! TPT definitely opens doors to amazing things! Good luck!!!

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