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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TPT Challenge ~ Week 3 ~ My Masterpiece!

Hello Again! I am here for  Week 3 of the TPT Challenge hosted by 

This week we are challenged to create a masterpiece! My masterpiece (which I have to say I'm excited about using), I just finished this past weekend! When I make products I am always thinking of what I need or what my students would love to do ~ this product was made to go along with our school theme! Every year the teachers choose a new theme and our family nights and curriculum nights use the theme to promote our school. Last year we were SUPERHEROES and this year CHEFS! ( ~ so our capes will be turning into aprons) THEMES are a lot of FUN! This years theme is...

Butterfield has the recipe for success!
Last year! ...first day of school with our superhero t-shirts on!

So... I needed to make new parent forms with recipe for a successful year theme  (the SUPERHERO ones would not do) and also I made something I have been dying to do which is a parent communication flipbook with the recipe for a successful school year theme!  I was thrilled with how it turned out!! Check them out!

So now I feel a little closer to being ready for the beginning of our successful year to come! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

PBL: Sensory Garden

Hi Friends, When the year ends, it is so nice to reflect on what went well and what needs to be worked on.  There are a few things that still need to be worked on (of course) BUT this post is about what went sooo well I want to tell you about it and hopefully encourage you to try! 
This was our  PBL (project based learning) we worked on this year! The big components of a true PBL project are quality content, 21st century skills, inquiry, a solid driving question, need to knows, voice and choice, revision and reflection, and a public audience.This is such a wonderful way to engage your students in learning across the curriculum and becoming 21st century learners! Our project actually started out last year when we
created a beautiful Butterfly Garden which you can read about here. This year our students decided we needed to continue this project and add a Sensory Garden  to enjoy and learn from! 
This was a huge undertaking and consisted of many months of planning, ordering, putting together and finally trying out!

We started out a little different from last years PBL with a field trip. Our Science and Social/Emotional curriculum include a unit on The 5 Senses so we started there but wanted to add to their background knowledge. Because it was January when we started planning we decided on an in-school field trip from the Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview, Illinois. 

They created workstations for our students to rotate through to think about how they use their senses to learn. The students loved it! (You can see more on this through our Sensory garden google site )
What did we need to include in our garden that would help children learn through their senses? We went about planning our extension along with our Butterfly Garden to include our 5 Senses Garden in this tiny little space. But...It will soon become an outdoor classroom! Soooo... we brainstormed what we wanted this to look like...it went through a few revisions due to money constraints and priorities.(Grant money was used to purchase most of the items that were needed...but a Donors Choose or donations can also be considered )
This is what we started with and these were our plans....

 The kindergartners researched their 5 Senses on this great website. It is free for a short amount of time. The site is called PebbleGo.

It was excellent! Kindergartners always amaze me (at first I was thinking maybe their 4th grade buddies should help them - they were a little bit busy test taking at the time so we decided to take the leap and tell the kindergartners to research using this site and write down facts they learned)!!! What? Kindergartners! Yes! They did it!!! After the field trip, listening to stories, discussing their senses and researching through the pebblego site...kindergartners wrote about what they learned. Then they proceeded to talk about all they learned to everyone! That part was easy!

 We had a celebration at the end of the year -students gave tours and took their buddies and their parents through our fabulous Sensory Garden! You can learn more about our PBL here!

And here is the finished project...
Planting to make it beautiful

xylophone in the works

Butterfly garden

Musical fence

Painting area

Reading shed

We had all 5 senses covered except for taste....but there is always next year. Any ideas for us?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up - Classroom Posters & Fall Reading Centers

Hi friends, Gloria here from 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! I hope everyone is loving their summer! I know we are! Some of our fabulous blogging friends have joined together to help you be able to relax and enjoy your summer knowing that you are stocked up for the school year ~ no problem! We are having another FB, pinterest, blog hop ~ WOW!

I would like to tell you about 3 products I have that I can not live without! Class Rules & Procedures, 8 Mathematical Practices and Short & Long Vowel Posters.

The first thing I talk to my students about every year ~  is Class Rules & Procedures!


Last year I had 27  five & six year olds in our classroom. A lot of these students did not go to pre-school. This was their first experience being in a school. There were many who just did not have any idea what to do.  In order for us to be able to learn, we needed to have rules and expectations. Students need to know exactly what the expectations are. On the rug we spend a lot of time learning. These procedures are important and my kiddos feel comfort in knowing what is expected.

Class Rules & Procedures  packet consists of:

*A whole body listening poster
*Boy and Girl Rug rules posters
*Small Group Listening poster
*Lining Up poster
*Voice level poster
*thumbs up self-evaluation 
*1-2-3 self-evaluation comprehension poster
*Fun student rug rules book for students to color and review what the rug rules are.

On one side of the SMART board are Rug Rules, Voice Level poster and on the other are the 8 Mathematical Practices .

The 8 Mathematical Practices posters include:
I can statements in kid-friendly words, with pictures, so they understand about these important practices.

 Short & Long Vowel Posters are kept right above my guided reading table. I use and reference them all the time during small group reading time. My small group rules poster(which is apart of the Class Rules & Procedures) is there to remind students how to behave during this important time.
Short & Long Vowel Posters packet includes:
Short vowel poster for each vowel which is bright & cheery! Each short & long vowel has a matching picture and word with vowel highlighted. A poster which shows both short and long vowels with matching picture is also included.
After our discussion about rules and procedures we get started with centers right away. For the start of the school year, my kiddos loved these Fall Literacy Centers .   This packet includes:
5 Centers
Work on Writing (2 different options)
I Have, Who Has
Letter Puzzles
Beginning Sounds
I Can Statements to develop Independence included.
This literacy packet can be used for centers, homework, early finishers, and/or seat work.
There are B&W copies included. For color copies I would put in sleeves or laminate. Then the worksheets can be used over and over.  Here are some of my kiddos from last year busy working at these fun centers!





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Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Challenge Week 2 ~ Dare to Dream

Here again with Amber, Ashley, Emily & Jen with Week 2 of the TPT challenge! This week we are blogging about our DREAMS! Before talking about mine, you really need to read some of the other dreams and inspirations of others. I am very impressed and motivated after reading about these wonderful other teacher/bloggers out there! 

1. Family - My family consists of the most wonderful husband and four children who are almost all out of the house. Our youngest is still in high school. They have been there all along cheering me on in my fun/hard work that I have with my creations I make. With college bills, and so much more to pay off ... I would love to be able to be debt free...This is ...one of my major motivations to keep working hard at my TPT journey!

2. Travel My dream to travel with my family and with just my husband is my second biggest dream and why too I keep on...with this second job! 

3. Share/Motivate I want to keep being able to share with other teachers in my district and beyond who enjoy my little creations. Maybe inspire and motivate others because so many of these outstanding teachers motivate and inspire me!

My Dreams 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Makeover Madness: Positive Behavior Student Note Cards

Hi Friends, I decided to enter a challenge ~ given by Emily from Third in Hollywood 
My Challenge:

This is one of my first products I created on TPT. I decided it was time to update it. :) So thank you Emily for giving me this challenge...I have many more products I will do this to this summer but here is the first one.

This product is special because I love using these cards in my classroom! I truly believe these have helped in my positive classroom environment! 
Check out this newly updated product here!