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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flip Flop Blog Hop!

On this blog hop and share, I am so happy to be teamed up with Sebrina Burke from Burke's Special Kids! Sebrina is an Exceptional Education Inclusion Teacher who has a wealth of knowledge on Reading. Make sure you stop by and check out her blog! Sebrina doesn't realize but her product was perfect for my class! This is why.....
Burke's Special Kids

In my kindergarten class I have a lot of students who are learning the English language. In fact 2 new students just arrived this past month, one from Albania and one from Honduras. I lucked out by having a little girl who speaks Albanian and a few who already speak Spanish. I love this diversity and the willingness of all the other students to help teach the new students.
Rhyming is an important kindergarten reading skill. In order to demonstrate phonemic awareness kindergarten students hear the rhyming sounds in words and produce rhyming words. This is essential for reading.  For English language learners rhyming is especially difficult and it is a skill that needs to be reviewed a lot.  
  Rhyme Sort Literacy Station, Printables, and Rhyming Mini Book came at the right time. The whole class can use a refresher on this! So this week my students loved the centers we received from Sebrina! First we reviewed rhyming whole group and circled thumbs up or thumbs down if two pictures rhymed or not. The thumbs up and down was a big hit with my kiddos!

During guided reading we sorted pictures that rhymed and ones that did not. All of the vowel sounds were covered and my students enjoyed the colorful and fun pictures!

In order to reinforce these rhyming skills, my class enjoyed rhyming literacy centers.  There were 3 more rhyming activities which also included each vowel. Here my kinders colored words that rhymed with different "cvc" words they could read independently.
At another center kinders independently cut and glued pictures into rhyming and not rhyming columns. This is where I could tell who really has this skill down!

My favorite activity was this ADORABLE rhyming superstar book! Here are a few pictures of this book! I actually sat at this center with my students and listened to them read this book and find the picture that finished the rhyme! This was so engaging and fun for them! Take a look!

This can be differentiated for your students. Some of my students had no problem reading the rhyming poem and others I read it to them.

How cute is this!

Well, thanks again to Sebrina from Burke's Special Kids - we are now Rhyming Superstars!

Along with rhyming another skill our kiddos need is to know their sight words. Enter to win our very popular Bubble Graph Sight Word Packet! Students get to learn sight words and explore graphing at the same time! Thank you so much for visiting our blog!


a Rafflecopter giveaway Continue on your hop by visiting the Fabulous Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for more flip flop blog hopping!

Secret Admirer

Hello Friends, I'm so happy to be able to reveal my secret admirer! We have something in common with them! They are both Kindergarten teachers too! Our blog we admire is the fun Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations!

Don't you just love their blog!

As I was blog stalking hopping I stopped by their blog and their class happened to be working on exactly what we were working on - butterflies! Their students looked like they were having a great time! Well this is the product my class was fortunate to try out... It was their Butterfly Bundle! Check out the full product here!
Before I tell you about these wonderful activities, I just want you to know that our butterflies happened to come out of their chrysalis on Tuesday of this week along with our chicks hatching that day also. So.. can I tell you it was a bit crazzzzy in the Kindergarten room this week.  But this unit was perfect for us and kept the class engaged all week!

The first thing we did was read Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then we worked on the fabulous sequencing activity from this product. My kinders loved making their own caterpillar and did such a great job coloring and then sharing their stories with each other.

 Here they are sitting on the rug and retelling the story.  

Next for Math we reviewed symmetry, created symmetrical butterflies and then played the roll, add and color butterfly game.  Can I just say, they loved it!  I honestly did not hear a peep(except from our chicks) out of them, they were so busy adding and coloring!

We continued the week by having butterfly workstations. One group played the Butterfly Lifecycle Cube game,  while another group worked on Bunches of Butterflies Ten-Frames Game. I took a group and did some fun "butterfly"listening activities.

Having fun adding and subtracting

Graphing and analyzing data

The listening activity was perfect! I told my kinders they were going to take a test like a first grader and they thought this was the greatest! They were such wonderful listeners, I was so happy we did this part of the packet. (I was not sure how they would do especially with all the excitement in the room this week.) What a great review!
Practicing sight words, shapes, position words, ordinal numbers & more!
We ended the week with one of the students favorite things to do and that is Write the Room!
Students looked around the room to find any words posted with letters from the word "butterfly", "chrysalis" and "caterpillar". They not only get to move around but this definitely keeps them engaged while finding sight words, friend's names, and all the environmental print around the room.

Thank you again to  Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations! My kinders just loved the activities!  Not only did they have fun but were learning at the same time! Look your students can do this GREAT  Butterfly Write the Room Activity as a freebie for all who are visiting on this blog hop. Click here!

This packet is filled with so many great activities, please go check it out and Kelly & Kim's fabulous blog! For more Secret Admirer reveals click below!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Educents - Kinder Summer Learning FUN!

Summer is right around the corner, and I know that is hard to believe.  So ... keep your students busy learning and having fun! I like to give my students activities they can do with their parents at home to keep their love of learning going. The parents are always so grateful when I see them in the fall. For students (they need an extra incentive sometimes)... they receive a prize from my special prize box if they show me they worked on this summer packet.
So here you go... Here is a peek at what I will be sending them home with in a couple of weeks!
First, I like to give them some links to work on the computer or ipad.
This is my students favorite web site abcya.com - There is so much to do in math and language arts - They do feel like they are playing, it might as well be educational - right? 
Here is the link....
  Of course, my favorite videos are Mr. Harry's Kindergarten on you tube! The kinder kiddos love him too!This is their all time favorite!

Then I make sure they have some other academic activities for the next 3 months. Well, guess what you don't need to go any further...

 I have also teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! It includes printables, centers, games, science investigations, close reads, and much more!  It's a mixture of reading, math, and science to keep the kids working hard through the summer and to get them ready for first grade!


My products included will surely be loved by your students! K-1 Function Machines is in this packet and is a $3.00 value. It is perfect for your students to review math operations. I just finished showing my kinders this and they loved the robots. A fun activity to introduce
 addition and subtraction problems are included and also blank sheets to create your own algebraic thinking!
This packet includes:
*I can statement
*Addition - identifying input, output and rule
*Subtraction - identifying input, output and rule
*Introduction to Function Machine
*Independent student worksheets to complete input, output and rule for addition and subtraction
*Blank worksheets to easily write your own problems

 Here are a few of my students working on these worksheets. I put them in sleeves and give them expo markers and they love it!

This can be used whole group, math centers, homeschooling, homework, early finishers.
It can also be used as an addition to calendar time or a part of a SUMMER packet. Your students will learn and enjoy at the same time.

Up next is my Investigating Worms Activities! It is a $4.00 value.

This is a Wonderful Worm Unit that includes:

Worm facts
Labeling a worm
Some questions to ask your students
Compare & Contrast Venn Diagram(earthworms & redworms)
Answer key

Language Arts
Worms can, have and are (student page)
Worms can, have and are (poster size)
Worm journal (students can write about their investigation)
Dear Diary page
Nonfiction and Fiction Venn Diagram

Measuring worms(unifix cubes, inches or centimeters)
Adding with silly worms within 5
Finding the missing addend for 10 using number line & 10 frames

Making a worm environment
Pictures of finished craft

These two items of mine are  a part of the BIG bundle Educents is offering for such a great savings!!

For a limited time it is $14.99 from Educents which is about 70% off!  
14 instant downloads with over 400 pages of materials perfect for your recent kinder graduates (or your struggling first graders or advance preschoolers of course too!)


This is only available for a limited time ...whether you use this bundle for summer or during the school year, this is a FANTASTIC bundle!!

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!
Have fun teaching everyone!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you!

Hello friends! Here are 2 Scoops top 4 products in our store! We are very excited to share with you and give a 20% discount for today! So keep scrolling below to see and ... May the Force be with you! :)

Kindergarten Opinion Writing packet is the first of three Common Core writing packets. Expository Writing and Narrative writing are also Common Core aligned for all Kindergarten classrooms. I have also bundled them for a discount and you can take a peek at each one here.

Writing in kindergarten is sometimes a little scary and that is why I created these writing pieces. I have made it easy for the teacher to work together with their students modeling each step before the students write independently. Using this approach my students have been very successful.
Next, we have our popular  Scott Foresman Find-Trace-Write which consists of 82 Pages of Sight Word practice. Each page includes an area that the children can search and find the sight word, trace and write all of the sight words. The first 45 pages have sight word sentences to trace and read. The remaining pages have lines for the children to create a sentence using the sight word. This has been very successful with our kindergarten classrooms. You can check out this product here.

Okay, friends do you want to already be prepared for conferences next year? Well ...  this Parent Teacher Conference packet includes:
*letter to parents about what a kindergarten beginning reader and emergent reader looks like and how they can help nurture them along
*sign for your door during conferences
*reminder letter to parents
*how am I doing common core checklist for ELA and Math for first trimester
*thank you heart for students to fill out for parents
*common core handout for ELA and Math
*letter to parents about what the common core is..
Just click here for a closer look.

Finally, the favorite of my students is the Bubble Graph Sight Words packet! Students learn sight words as well as graphing at the same time! Here it is in action.... Click here if you would like a closer look (freebie in the preview)

Thank you for visiting 2 Scoops of Kindergarten! I hope you found something that will be engaging and useful for you and your kindergartners! Check out more products from other great educators below!