2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale

Happy December and Happy Cyber Monday and Tuesday! This is such a special time of year and a great time to find some wonderful classroom resources ON SALE! Our 2 Scoops of Kindergarten Store will be 20% off  and make sure you put the code TPTCYBER on Teachers Pay Teachers to receive an extra 10% off!

The product that I am giving an extra discount is the product in our store that I could not live without! It is the BIG Bundle of Math & Literacy Centers for the Year! It includes:

428 pages of Kid-tested,Teacher approved - Common Core Aligned Math & Literacy Centers to engage your students in a year of FUN! This bundle consists of:
*Fall Math & Literacy Centers
*October Math & Literacy Centers
*Gingerbread Man Math & Literacy Centers
*Winter Math & Literacy Centers
*Valentine Math & Literacy Centers
*March Math & Literacy Centers
*Spring Math & Literacy Centers
*Baseball Math & Literacy Centers
Added together the price should be $46.00 - it will $26.40 and then for another 10% more make sure you add the TPTCYBER code! So....you will receive a 50% discount!!!

Here are just a few pages of previews of what is included!
Fall Math & Literacy Centers
Baseball Math & Literacy Centers

Valentine Math & Literacy Centers

October Math Centers

If you would like to purchase this at our Teacher pay Teachers store, please click the picture above or click here. Check out all of the other deals you can have on this SUPER CYBER MONDAY & TUESDAY!!


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