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Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School BBQ Blog Hop


Hi Everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the summer! We are so happy to be with all of our blog hopping friends this weekend to do a little BBQ and some Back to School fun! 

Rick is doing the cooking this weekend and he has a really fun math & literacy activity for your kiddos! Won't your kids love to write the room counting yummy food ? Hamburgers, apples, grapes........How fun! Check this out, it's called Write the Room Picnic Style! I can't wait to use this!! 

Here is the scoop:Write the room is differentiated for ability levels
Cards and recording sheets can be used at a center,
taped around the room or place them in pocket chart.
Students use recording sheets and clip boards to find matching
cards and record answers.
Pages 3-6: Count the room (picnic food)
Pages 7-9: 1-10 number cards to use for matching to counting cards
Pages 10-16: Write the room - words (picnic food)
Pages 17-23: Write the room invented spelling - initial sound or word
Pages 24-33: Write the room upper case letters
Pages 34-43: Write the room lower case letters
Page 44: Blank cards



Okay, speaking of yummy food, we have a fun recipe for you too! Perfect for a nice picnic, don't you think?
For your copy click HERE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this hop! Would you like a chance to win this Write the Room Picnic Style? Make sure you enter the raffle below.

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Thanks for coming to our Back to School BBQ, make sure you enter our raffle and then hop on over to Nicole & Eliceo's BBQ. 

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  1. What a fun write the room! I love that it is differentiated!