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Monday, July 7, 2014

Markdown Monday

It's time to visit our friends over at Kelly & Kim's Kindergarten Kreations again! They are having a Markdown Monday Linky Party!  We have marked down our newest product My First Number Book at 50% savings for this week only, Monday - Friday! It's only $1.50! Here is a preview...

Okay kindergarten teachers, you know that some of your students will think this is easy peasy but some and I have had a few....that don't know how to use a pencil or get frustrated when having to write anything.  That is why I differentiated this packet. All of the numbers have 2 different versions. One for the children that need extra support and then one for those that can follow your directions when writing their numbers. 
The other component that is added to this packet (Common Core aligned) is giving your students new strategies when they think of numbers. At this time I feel six different ways is a start, I will add more when we get into the year. Here is the poster I have added to this packet.

The ten frame is already on their paper for them and so are the dice squares. In both cases they just need to fill them in. Here is the example:
I know my kinders will love this and it will help those students who need the extra guidance! You can click on the picture below to send you to 2 Scoops of Kindergarten's TPT store to get this at a 50% off discount until Friday of this week!


To continue on this super saving linky party, click picture below! Thank you for visiting us!

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