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Friday, June 27, 2014

Keep 'em buzzzy blog hop!

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have older children at home and keeping them buzzzy is a little more costly! 
So....here is an activity I have done with my kinders. They love pretending and it is very easy for them to get into different projects I give them. This is one of the many reasons I loooove this age! We spend time in the beginning of the year talking about worms. At first I hear a lot of ewwww but then they start understanding the importance of worms in our world. In this Investigating Worm packet there are Science, Math and Language Arts activities. There is also a fun craftivity!
We read non-fiction and fiction books about worms. Here are a few of my favorite.

 After our real world investigations, we create a worm to play with in it's own little environment.
My students love this!

You can do this at home or school. This is what you will need:
Supplies Needed:
1. Snack bags
2.Brown construction paper
3.Green construction paper
4. Markers
5.Beads (17 per child) (5 beige or white) (12 brown)
6. Pipe cleaners (cut in two)
Snack bags are the perfect size. Cut out brown paper to fit into the bag for the dirt. With markers draw roots, tunnels, and rocks to add detail to the brown dirt. Put that inside the sandwich bag. Then cut grass out of green construction paper. It should be taller than the bag so it sticks up. Cut top of grass so it looks like blades of grass on top. (See picture) Rocks or dirt can be added by rolling extra pieces of construction paper. Then have students start putting on the beads. Fold over the end of the pipe cleaner so the beads do not fall off. Build from the tail and put on 10 brown beads. Then add 5 white beads for the clitellum and add 2 more brown beads for the head. When all the beads have been added fold over the top of the pipe cleaner. Each student will then have their very own environment for their worm and worm to have fun with.

Hope you enjoy this fun craftivity with your child this summer! If you would like the whole Investigating Worm packet you can find it here or you can win this by entering the raffle below!


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Monday, June 23, 2014

6 Months 'til Christmas SALE!!!

Believe it or not, it is 6 months until Christmas! We are linking up with some fabulous blogger friends and having a Christmas sale in June! So have you been naughty or nice.....

Santa checked his list (and checked it twice!)-- here's a sale for all those who've been nice!

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Markdown Monday Linky Party!

Our friends over at Kelly & Kim's Kindergarten Kreations are having a Markdown Monday Linky Party! Of course we can't miss out on a party, so we joined in. We have marked down our popular Baseball Math & Literacy Stations 50% off for this week only, Monday - Friday! My class really enjoyed this and I know yours will too.  My students had a "ball" writing a rebus story using baseball clips. This is a great writing activity that even the reluctant writer can jump in and do. They usually write a lot more knowing they have pictures to help them out.
 For the Math portion students have a variety of centers. Decomposing numbers is a lot funner when you are running the bases to score a home run! We used bears as counters to help with adding.

 One of my kinders favorite activities is to play I have, Who has. This baseball themed addition version was a hit!
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Stock Up!

Happy summer everyone! 2 Scoops is soooo excited to be a part of this FAB Facebook/blog/pinterest hop! WOW! I know you will find some great products and ideas to make your life easier when school starts! This will be my 8th year teaching and Rick's 16th year and we both know summer is the time to relax but also to try something new and get prepared for next year so the fall isn't soooo crazzzzy! (you know what I mean ;) )

The first thing students see before they walk into your classroom is the door to their room. I like to use this to excite and engage them. Last year we decorated our door with a surfing theme (That is my teaching partner and I holding the surf boards). Take a look!

When we knew which students were in our classroom we added their names to the door. The students loved the "Cool Cats" surfin' their way into kindergarten theme. This is a part of a larger packet which includes: 
1. Signs Surfin into Pre-K through 5th grade
2. Welcome sign with cool cats
3. Student labels to attach to cubby, locker and/or door
4. Welcome labels to attach to welcome bags or notes
5. Table Signs 1 - 6
6. Blank signs to add to your classroom

Make sure to grab the  FREEBIE  on our facebook page  for your Surfin' into School Scavenger Hunt! It goes purrrfect with the Surfin' into School theme!
There are 5 different versions.

In the beginning of the school year, one of the first activities we do is to  have students tell us a little bit about themselves. At first kindergarteners (end of pre-k or even as an introduction to first) they tell us in pictures more than words and what better way to introduce class pictographs. This is an easy way to learn more about your students and have some great math lessons too! Here is a preview of what is in this fun and engaging packet, Getting to Know You with Pictographs!

There are five different graphs to help you get to know your students and cover important graphing skills. The graphs include;
1. Are you a boy or a girl graph
2. How do I go home graph
3. How old are you graph
4. Our favorite pet graph
5. Our favorite color graph
This also includes a class data sheet for each graph
so the students can learn how to analyze the data they collected.
Well, you can win this in the giveaway below. Also there is a free sample on our FB page for all of our followers! 

My students love Our Favorite Pet Graph!

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 Look at all these wonderful blogger friends who have joined together to share ideas, products, lessons and FREEBIES! :)