2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily 5 in Kindergarten

We LOVE the Daily 5. We just introduced Word Work to our kindergarten classroom. We have been building our stamina For Read to Self and made it to 20 minutes. Yeah!  Our Principal comes in and reads with us when we reach our goal.  I am so amazed at these children and how they are reading the pictures(some of them the words) and getting so excited about this time of day.  So when I added Word Work as another part of the Daily 5, they were up for the challenge.  Thanks to Rick for making these fabulous Word Work sight word practice sheets  for our  kindergartners . They have been  a fun way to review our sight words (popcorn words).  Next week we will introduce Listen to Reading and start our guided reading.  Can't wait - so excited to see all the wide eyes and smiles when they realize they can read a whole book all by themselves!  The joy of kindergarten!!! click on  the picture to find this word work!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Temperature Graph Fun!

Today I finally completed our temperature graph.  We have been using it all year but I just added the banner below.  Each day we use the internet to find out what the temperature is outside and then add the appropriate color square above the corresponding temperature.  It has been really exciting to see how quickly the children have been able to compare numbers, totals for each temperature and what the temperature trend has been so far.  We have mainly recorded temperatures in the warm zone!  Yesterday morning we recorded our first temperature in the cold zone (50°).  The little colored squares are laminated so I can record the date the temperature was recorded.  The grid was made using 1" chart paper from the The Chalkboard.  

Check out the pictures.  I will post the files in our teachers pay teachers store for free!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shaping up to be a great year!

It is already the 20th day of school!  I really have such a fabulous class!!  I know it's still early but I can't believe how my little kiddos have learned school, and have adjusted to our full day schedule.  In our district we use the ESGI assessment.  It's so fast and easy to assess our students and to give feedback to their parents.  If you are looking for a new assessment check them out!  One of the common core areas in Math, we have already started working on, is knowing our shapes.  To make it easy, peasy( my kinders say that all the time - ha) I put labels above their tables.  They hear each others' tables called all day and guess what - 100% know their shapes!  I just tested them on ESGI
I can now put up my next table labels - those tricky teen numbers!  The number 12 (seems to be the hardest for my cuties! )  So...this is going up over their table next week! :)  If you would like these table labels, you check them out at our store right here.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Girls, girls, girls!

So...as a part of our All About Me unit, we made a boy and girls graph. I saw this on Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten blog, she has great ideas! As you can see we have an abundance of girls. I've never before had a class with so many girls.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Currently--what's happenin' now! I'm linking up with Farley for my very first CURRENTLY!! Here goes.... Here's what happening this month--right now
1. I LOVE Bruno Mars (this is the Gloria scoop talking) I went to see him in concert this summer and I know I converted my husband to be a FAN of his too! ha! 2. I have to admit the first week was quite crazy to say the least but we are all starting to settle in and I am really loving my class! 3. Since last week was Curriculum Night I did not getting anything done for next week! Yikes! So.. tomorrow I will be heading into school to get it done. I'm so lucky to have a fab teaching partner to work together on it! 4. Wanting a weekend like the last one - if we could always have Mondays off - wouldn't that be great? 5. Okay, would it not be great to have a personal assistant? 6. I have made it to the gym twice since school started. :( but I am going to try and remain positive because I have so so much to be thankful for!

Curriculum Night

Whew! Another busy week in the Kindergarten world! This past week we had our Curriculum Night at our school. It is always fun to match the students with their parents and see so many of the same characteristics. Here are some of the forms I passed out to the parents in order to inform them of what the core curriculum looks like in Kindergarten. If you find these helpful please leave a comment and follow us! We would love to hear from you. Click here for your copy.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013-14!

My name is Rick Eisenhut and I am the tall scoop!  I am really excited about working with Gloria on this blog.  She is a wonderful teacher and resource!  It has been a crazy start as always but so much fun to meet all the new kinder kids.  I am also lucky to work again with our new principal Dave Danielski.  He has infused a great sense of unity and introduced a school theme called, "Banding Together to R.O.C.K." which stands for Realize Our Collaborative Knowledge.  We kicked off the year with an assembly and a group picture in the shape of a guitar!  I will post it below.  I would not be the teacher I am without the support of of my wife and 2 wonderful sons!  I hope you have a great year!  Mr. E

Another Freebie!

Okay, I'm so excited about this new blog, I have to give out the best FREEBIE yet! It is my parent forms that I give out in the beginning of the year. I learn a lot from the parent and the student surveys. I use the surveys to help them pick out their first books and set up emails etc. I find out any fears they may have or what holidays they celebrate or even more important if someone does not celebrate a certain day. Click HERE for your packet!

All About Me!

We have been learning a lot about rules but also getting to know each other.Here is a FREEBIE from out TPT store that I use in the beginning of the year to find out a little bit more about all my students. Click HERE if you would like it.

We survived the first week!

Look who helped us finish the week with a bang! I have to say I was pretty tired but the kids wanted more and more Pete the Cat! We used a fun tour created by Michelle@Inspiredbykindergarten.blogspot.com to check out the school. The children said they heard MEOWS coming from all the rooms. Ha! I love this age!