2 Scoops of Kindergarten

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily 5 in Kindergarten

We LOVE the Daily 5. We just introduced Word Work to our kindergarten classroom. We have been building our stamina For Read to Self and made it to 20 minutes. Yeah!  Our Principal comes in and reads with us when we reach our goal.  I am so amazed at these children and how they are reading the pictures(some of them the words) and getting so excited about this time of day.  So when I added Word Work as another part of the Daily 5, they were up for the challenge.  Thanks to Rick for making these fabulous Word Work sight word practice sheets  for our  kindergartners . They have been  a fun way to review our sight words (popcorn words).  Next week we will introduce Listen to Reading and start our guided reading.  Can't wait - so excited to see all the wide eyes and smiles when they realize they can read a whole book all by themselves!  The joy of kindergarten!!! click on  the picture to find this word work!



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  2. Where can we find the Word Work sight Word Practice Sheets by Rick?